The Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia Association for Economic Cooperation (VILACAED) is a professional social organization of Vietnamese organizations, individuals and enterprises which contribute to the cause of development and enhancement of economic and investment cooperation between Vietnam and Laos and Cambodia.Today, December 15, 2017, the Association for the Promotion of the Second Congress of the 2017-2022 period, according to the directives of the Central Party Secretariat in Hanoi. This Congress, in addition to the report on the first term of office and the direction of activities of the II term with the participation of representatives of the Embassy of the ASEAN countries, the Association will also change its name to the Association for Economic Cooperation Vietnam – ASEAN.In parallel with the election of the Executive Board and the Inspection Committee, the Association also sets out orientations to support each other to develop and improve the efficiency of economic cooperation and investment between the ASEAN Member Countries. In addition, the Association will gather members’ ideas for comments, consultancy, evaluation and social feedback on strategies, planning, plans, mechanisms, policies, Administrative reforms … related to economic and investment cooperation of the Party and the State of Vietnam. Meanwhile, to step up support for organizations, enterprises and investors of ASEAN Member Countries. In addition to carrying out economic and investment cooperation activities, it will strengthen the traditional friendship among ASEAN members.

VietLaw Solutions Firm is honored to be invited to attend The Second Congress of the term of 2017-2022 meeting.

With a good understanding of the business environment in Vietnam as well as international experience, Mr. Khuu Thanh Tam – Master of Law, Lawyer has effectively managed and solved legal issues in business and trade for many domestic and foreign enterprises as well as investors from many countries. With the valuable experience accumulated in many years of operation in the legal field, Mr. Khuu Thanh Tam – Lawyer, Managing Partner of VietLaw Solutions Co. Ltd was honored to be the delegate for discussion and comment. At The Second Congress, in order to accompany the Association, it contributed to the development of enterprises in the period of deep economic integration with many preferential policies of the Party and State Government.In recent years, with the policy of opening up the international economic integration of the Party and State Government by joining and signing many international trade agreements. Having step by step eliminated trade barriers, customs help domestic and foreign enterprises open opportunities to trade and attract investment. However, besides these advantages, it should be stressed that legal basis is always the basis for the sustainable development of enterprises but not yet focused businesses and investors. Because legal mastery of the business will help businesses to anticipate and eliminate potential risks. Without proper attention, the legal risk will accumulate over time over each transaction and will cause long-term damage to the development of the business. Therefore, from the beginning, enterprises should pay due attention to the legal aspects of their business activities. Periodic reviews of compliance, transactions, products, distributions as well as accounting records of each year should be reviewed.In addition, attention should also be paid to internal disputes in the enterprise (capital ownership, management rights, the right to share business results, labor…), which often occurs when the enterprise becomes public, profitable business, management mechanism between enterprises and workers … To ensure the internal sustainability of enterprises should clearly specify the ownership ratio which should be integrated into the development strategy right from the beginning, and build a conflict resolution mechanism.Also, it creates a legal environment for the business in a proactive way through the development of the Charter, Rules, Regulations, Contracts and other agreements that the enterprise has signed or acceded to. Thus, new businesses shape the legal environment to actively contribute to support the business, promote the sustainable development of enterprises.

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