Vietnam’s development on the road of deep integration opens up opportunities for enterprises to get rich. As a startup, businessmen often focus on ideas, market research, customers and sales. But in order to grow firmly, limiting the risk in legal issues is not the main focus of business owners.

When launching a business idea before embarking on the deployment, businessmen should take note of the Intellectual Property Law. Ideas for unique, interesting products and services will reach the market quickly and the protection of intellectual property rights for those products and services should begin as soon as the project is launched or soon after the business is established. Violation of the Intellectual Property Law is a problem for enterprises to have a headache. The registration of intellectual property aims to ensure that enterprises have the exclusive right to use their own property, thereby also ensuring the interests of enterprises when complaining about or claiming intellectual property infringements.

A good business idea only maximizes its power in a consistent business model. You need to choose the appropriate business model, department organization, reasonably personnel arrangements. The selection of the business model should take into account the issues of asset management, capital contribution, capital mobilization, organizational structure and profit distribution. Businessmen talk to each other and start a business just like on a hunting trip, the happiest time is when everyone is ready to go. But the saddest moment is when the hunters split the booty. Cannot run away from this rule, there is a conflict in the business between shareholders and owners. To avoid this situation, when establishing a company, shareholders need to have the agreement and included in the company charter.

In the process of operating the business also face the potential risks from many sides. Tax and accounting procedures, late filing, wrong delivery or delinquency are always troublesome for businesses if they do not know how to handle or handle late.

In addition, the risks from the deal, the contract also caused no small damage to the business. When signing a contract, most business owners pay close attention to the terms of trade (price, payment and goods) without regard to legal terms such as commitments, rights and obligations of the parties, sanctions and solutions when problems arise … So when the dispute occurs, businesses often suffer economic losses and affect the prestige of the brand.

When facing with difficulties, businesses will immediately hire a lawyer to handle the job, or hire a lawyer to work in the company. But that is just to solve the immediate situation, not to help businesses steadily step on the long-term development. Recruiting a lawyer is not easy because people are good at tax is not fluent in investment, people are contracted but do not know foreign languages, people have enough business expertise but cannot adjust license due to no relationship. Especially in tough economic times, hiring a lawyer is an extra expense, while the business is not easy to find a lawyer who meets the requirements of professional diversity, proficiency in foreign languages, many years of experience and relationships.

If you cannot hire a lawyer, enterprises should hire a law firm. In law firms, they have a lot of lawyers with different expertise, rich social knowledge and foreign languages, which is the strength to meet the needs of the business. Law firm in addition to supporting, consulting the procedures for the establishment of enterprises, tax and accounting, drafting contracts, procedures for the settlement of transaction disputes. Law firms also provide internal consultancy, development options, brand identity, brand protection. Most importantly, the crisis management options to ensure the credibility of the business for customers and partners.

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