In January, Hanoi drizzled with rain, leaving us with a lot of emotion. On our business trip, we decided to visit the land of thousands of years of civilization after completing the legal consultancy work for clients and partners. At this time, Hanoi seems to be wore a new coat, a new peaceful frame. The rain of January, the rain of spring, permeates the old branches so that the nursery grows up well because spring is the season of the beginning, also the beginning of happiness. Grapefruit, raspberry flowers blooming in the spring also makes the visitors surprised.

The Statue of King Ly Thai To is placed at Ly Thai To Garden, on Dinh Tien Hoang Street, Hoan Kiem District, in the center of Hanoi Capital. This Statue is a beautiful cultural architecture to honor King Ly Thai To (974 – 1028), who has publicly expressed Thang Long Capital.

As the sky drizzles on to the city, along with the spring warmth, it creates a scene that can stir up humans’ deepest feelings. Only living in Hanoi, we can feel the beauty of this city to the fullest and can understand more why people are always coming to Hanoi despite many changes. Spring rain brings a very authentic, rustic look. Also in the spring more than a thousand years ago, once from the capital of Hoa Lu back to his home in Co Phap (Bac Ninh), Ly Thai To visited the old city of Dai La. The King realized that this land was in the center of the country, wide and flat, not flooded, all flora and fauna rich, good fresh. The more he thought, the more he believed that if he wanted his descendants to have prosperous life, he should move the capital from the narrow mountainous Hoa Lu to this large and fertile plain place.

In the fall of that year, the capital was moved to Dai La. Ly Thai To said that the name changed into Thang Long. King Ly Thai To once said: “In the heart of the country, there is a dragon position, in the middle of the East, North, West, and South. In that place, the terrain is wide and flat, the land is clear and bright, the people do not suffer from flooding, flora and fauna are fertile. Seeing the whole country of Vietnam, it is the best place of all, is actually the place of the four congregations, the most ancient capital of the imperial kingdom forever!”

Cheo theater of Vietnam, the intangible cultural heritage of mankind.

Thang Long – Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is also the interference of the major cultures. The culture is often expressed through languages, costumes, culinary traditions, entertainment … They still retain the elegant delights like playing flowers, planting bonsai, raising birds … Costumes of people in here, despite many changes over time, retains the elegancy and gracefulness.

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