In order to raise the legal awareness of the business community, enterprises and citizens about intellectual property rights in the establishment, exploitation, development, and protection of intellectual property. By encouraging innovative research and application of science and technology to improve labor productivity and serve the socio-economic development. A member of Vietnam Law Firm, representing legal entity for VTV interview on the channel “anti-smuggling, counterfeit and consumer protection”.

In the context of global economic integration and competition, the protection of intellectual property rights has become particularly important and has become a major concern of enterprises to improve their competitiveness. However, the number of fake goods, counterfeit goods infringing intellectual property rights increasingly sophisticated has caused heavy losses to businesses both in terms of brand and economy. In addition, the problems of counterfeit goods, copyrights, infringement of intellectual property rights also affect the interests of consumers. Counterfeit goods are increasingly produced sophisticated, have great value, have transnational elements and appear in all areas of life such as pharmaceuticals, functional foods, fashion, equipment…

With that in mind, businesses are finding ways to protect themselves against the increasingly complex counterfeiting problem that limits serious damage to businesses and protects their interests for consumers. Counterfeit or imitation goods are currently causing direct threats to the business such as reduced sales, profits, damaging the reputation of the product, the brand or the loss of consumer confidence. In particular, these counterfeit goods have the potential to push businesses into losses, even bankruptcy, which has a negative impact on the economy.

Many businesses have taken measures to fight against counterfeit goods such as organizing seminars to advise consumers, change patterns continuously, use anti-counterfeit stamps or provide information distinguish real products. On the other hand, enterprises also coordinate with functional agencies to propagandize and warn those who infringe upon intellectual property rights if recidivism will be proposed to functional agencies.

However, in practice, the handling of infringements of intellectual property rights encountered many difficulties. Those who commit offense using high technology, high technology products in the form of components, details, loose packaging, smuggled into Vietnam, then assembled and then sold. It is difficult for the authorities to handle these objects because they cannot prove the infringement of intellectual property rights, especially the goods are only details, not the finished products.

Concurrently, people often conduct their wrong-doings in distant, complex places that are difficult to find. In addition, the authorities don’t have really good support for enterprises in the fight against counterfeiting and infringement of intellectual property rights. Sanctions imposed on the wrong-doings mentioned above are still mild. Therefore, in order to improve the strict handling of violations related to the production of counterfeit goods and the infringement of intellectual property rights, recidivism or overproduction must be dealt with criminally. The authorities should regularly organize propaganda inspection of business locations. In addition, enterprises must change their own solutions, technologies and new anti-counterfeiting products.

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