In the context of globalization, deep international economic integration, any country needs a complete justice in addition to the stability of politics and economy to promote the development of the country. Without any exception, Vietnam has constantly improved itself in terms of the law in general and the law on lawyers and lawyers in particular in order to create an important legal basis for the development and improvement of the operation efficiency of the lawyers’ team.

In addition, more and more social relationships will develop between citizens and citizens, between citizens and agencies and between agencies and organizations. These relationships often arise inconsistencies, affecting the interests of each party. As a lawyer, who understands the law and has experience in law practice, the lawyer is the person who protects the legitimate rights and interests of individuals and agencies in the most effective manner.

With the desire to provide the students with practical experience in the law profession, Master of Law – Lawyer Khuu Thanh Tam (Managing Partner of VietLaw Solutions Firm) has accepted the invitation to accompany HUFLIT University to hold the workshop “Law in Vietnam”. This helps them to better understand their careers. At the workshop, Mr. Khuu Thanh Tam – Lawyer – has shared with the students about the learning experience and the preparation should be prepared so that when they graduate from school, they will have a good job and career development.

According to Lawyer Khuu Thanh Tam, law graduate students can take charge of legal affairs of the enterprises or law practice. For legal work, they may choose to work in law firms, as an assistant lawyer or as a legal practitioner. They can also work with state management authorities that have law related to them. If you want to become a lawyer, you need to attend a lawyer training class at the Ministry of Justice. After completing this class, you will need to go practice at law firms which have lawful registrations of between 1.5 and 2 years, then pass the final test to be given the right to be granted a law practice certificate and may apply for joining the Bar Association.

In fact, in the course of work, while in charge of the legal affairs of any case or business, the lawyers must know all the relevant laws to handle the cases arise. Therefore, in the school curriculum, students are provided with the knowledge of law such as commercial law, civil law, criminal law, constitutional law … Therefore, if you have determined you want to pursue the career, you should study in depth and learn about the law of that direction.

However, it is advisable for you to learn all the rules, especially if you want to become a lawyer. Since the task of a lawyer is not just to answer the clients’ questions but to rely on those questions to suggest what the real problems are. Clients are not legal professionals, do not know the law, they do not know where their real problems are, commercial, civil or criminal, so you have to know and combine every knowledge.

In the process of learning, you should determine your directions, from which to identify the subjects, the contents you need to study carefully. According to Lawyer Khuu Thanh Tam, there is no need to wait for internships, they can apply for internships and work in small law firms to gain experience. In addition to practical practice, you also need to accumulate experience through many other ways such as reading and saving all questions in the legal advisory section in newspapers, internet because you do not know the details and specific legislation, but you can learn how your lawyer advises you and answers you in the newspaper to ponder on how to consult. Furthermore, you can look for references on the consulting website when the law is revised, drafted. Then you can study the discussions, comments … As when the law is officially issued, your knowledge will be more firmly.

If there is any desire to work in a foreign environment, apart from knowledge, foreign languages ​​is a very important element. Foreign-invested enterprises in Vietnam always have the habit of using legal services to prevent and handle disputes … than Vietnamese enterprises. It is important for them to plan their future in five or 10 years, what their image is to invest in pursuing that dream.



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