Vietlaw Solutions Firm always provides consultancy relating to tax and finance solutions for enterprises in a specific way, suitable for each business model. At the same time, in order to let enterprises develop stably and sustainably, we also provides solutions to assist refining business strategy, setting up the company’s structure appropriately, rearranging the organization’s system, as well as setting up the risk management mechanism.

We have extensive experience in tax and financial consulting for enterprises as well as in strategic planning, organizational development, performance enhancement, business model design, and sales system development. The approach of Vietlaw Solutions Firm always starts with identifying the right problems which our clients are facing. After that, lawyers and project specialists will work together to find the most practical and effective solutions to solve the clients’ problems.

Lawyers consult and support on tax law for enterprises: The services we provide to our clients are varied, including tax consultation and compliance assistance in relation to corporate income tax,  value added tax, foreign contractor tax and personal income tax. We regularly update our clients with the latest changes in regulations of tax law and advise our clients on the most effective ways of operating in Vietnam. In addition, we also support risk assessment and identify the measures needed to minimize the risks.

Lawyers consult on price transfer between affiliate companies: We assist our clients in preparing or reviewing information on annual affiliate transactions to ensure that information is fully and consistently declared and supports the standard reported on price policy. We also assist in evaluating the entire pricing transfer situation of our clients and provide practical recommendations for minimizing transfer pricing risks and developing pricing strategies to assist in changing or transform the business operations of the enterprises.

Services on Social insurance, labor insurance: Payroll outsourcing is an effective cost-saving solution for companies with shortages of human resources, or to focus on core activities and reduce fixed costs. We advise, support on payroll, calculate monthly deductions (personal income tax, social insurance, unemployment insurance and health insurance). We also assist the client in operating or setting up a payroll system within the enterprise (Social insurance registration, labor declaration, internal labor regulations, collective labor agreements).

Lawyers consult on Personal Income Tax: With a team of professionals in the field of international labor migration, we provide comprehensive solutions to maximize value from labor mobility. We advise the calculation of personal income tax (PIT) for a series of foreign companies and individuals working in Vietnam. We also provide advice and solutions for structuring efficient taxation and advisory systems on international labor migration issues.

Lawyers consult on Customs tax: We advise our clients on optimizing preferential terms from the FTA when dealing with foreign partners. We also assist clients in identifying ways to apply tax-exempt / tax-reduction policies.

Lawyers consult on tax inspection and audit: Tax inspection is a regular activity of tax authorities in the process of tax law enforcement. However, most companies have difficulties in auditing taxation because it is a process that requires thorough understanding of tax regulations, taxation procedures and tax inspections. On the other hand, working with tax authorities also requires highly specialized skills. Consequently, our experienced tax and financial advisors are able to advise and assist clients in all phases of the tax audit.

We believe that our clients benefit from the extensive knowledge of lawyers in the field of tax and finance consulting for enterprises. Depending on the specific situations, we will provide the most practical solutions for clients. Should you have any queries, please kindly contact us.

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