The relationships in society usually attach to interests, so disputes arise easily when having contradictions on interests. These contradictions usually occur due to doing or not doing something according to commitments. When having disputes, parties usually choose different methods to settle disputes to release contradictions, disputes on interests, to create the balance that parties are able to be acceptable. However, if parties do not settle disputes by themselves, filing a lawsuit, requesting courts or arbitration centers to solve are also fair solutions recognized by laws and social community.

With teams of lawyers with high experience, specialization, Vietlaw Solutions Firm provides services on settling disputes in the fields of administration, civil, economy, commerce, labor, contract, marriage, and family – inheritance… In order to protect the maximum clients’ rights and interests, at the same time, depending on each special case, we will put out one of four measures to settle disputes as follows: Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration, Court.

Lawyers consult on settling disputes through negotiation: A negotiation is a form of settling disputes inofficially with no participation of any authorities or third party. Negotiation presents the freedom of parties in agreement and ordination. Most of the articles on settling disputes regulate on settling disputes through negotiation when having violations. Negotiation requires parties to have goodwill, honesty, and cooperation if not, negotiation will fail and we have to use another method to settle disputes.

Lawyers consult on settling disputes through mediation: Mediation means parties in disputes discuss, agree to unify a solution to settle disputes, and perform this solution voluntarily. Parties have to negotiate, mediate together when disputes arise. When mediation is unsuccessful, we will put disputes out at courts or arbitrations. At courts, parties still continue to mediate. The person having no goodwill will use the mediation process to delay the performance of their obligations and may result in the beneficiary being deprived of the right to sue a lawsuit at courts or arbitrations due to finishing sue expiration.

Lawyers consult on settling disputes through arbitrations: Parties agree to put out disputes at arbitrations if arising and after considering, arbitrations will put out judgments to force parties to execute.

The measures of settling contract disputes according to procedures: When disputes arising, if parties cannot go into an agreement on settling disputes, they can put out disputes at courts. Depending on features of disputes, courts will settle disputes by economic procedures or civil procedures.

Depending on cases and reality, Vietlaw Solutions Firm puts out solutions to settle disputes in the quickest way in order to protect clients’ rights and interests. We believe that our clients get much profit from the profound knowledge that our senior lawyers focus on. If not clear, clients don’t hesitate to contact us to be supported.

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