Labor is the indispensable human resource of each enterprise. The enterprise that wants to develop firmly cannot lack human resources. Employers and employees have close relationships but each side has a conflict of interests and obligations. Therefore, conflicts, disagreements, disputes between parties can occur at any time.

Labor relationship is the social relations arising when employers hire, use, pay salaries to employees. Therefore, labor disputes are disputes about the rights and obligations arising in the labor relationships between employers, labor collectives, and employees. In other words, labor disputes are the conflicts that cannot be handled between the individual or the labor collective and the employer related to the rights and benefits of each side in the labor relationship.

In reality, in the process of consultancy for enterprises, we recognized that labor disputes are the disputes directly and strongly affecting the employees, employers, and even the operations, reputations of enterprises.

The reasons for labor disputes

In recent years, with the development of labor relations in the economy market, labor disputes have arisen and increased. The scale and effect of the operation, the reputation of the enterprise are increasing. The subjective reason is lacking the knowledge of the labor law of employers, employees. The objective reason is changing, supplementing, issuing a lot of law documents related to the labor fields in recent years. Therefore, there are a lot of difficulties for employers, employees in accessing, applying new law regulations to protect the legal rights and interests in the process of using and joining in the labor.

Vietlaw Solutions Firm consults on labor for enterprises

With a team of Consultants, Lawyers, Specialists having experiences and understanding of the law, VietLaw Solutions Firm has consulted on labor for enterprises, employees, as well as supported organizations, enterprises during their business process in Viet Nm.

The extensive understanding of the quick change in the law barrier and the labor environment in Viet Nam has helped us to become the strategic partner of the clients. By cultivating our expertise, we totally can provide labor consultancy which is the most practical and fastest way. We make differences in not only complying with the regulations and the Viet Nam law but also protecting the interests of the clients in the best way by structuring and drafting the documents at the optimal level.

We understand when the law has the changes, enterprises will eliminate law risks and firmly develop if knowing how to apply the change of the law. Therefore, the clients will be committed to the satisfaction and the best quality of service. We will offer the most practical legal solutions.

With the advantage of skillful staff having international experiences, local knowledge, VietLaw Solutions Firm is the leading guide in directing clients in the legal system in Vietnam. Vietlaw Solutions Firm not only provide clients with initial solutions but also accompany clients throughout the operation.

We believe that the clients will benefit from the extensive knowledge that our senior lawyers focus on. Depending on the specific situation, we will provide the most practical solutions for clients. If there is any concern, please contact Vietlaw Solutions Firm.

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