The ownership of intellectual property is a tool for the effective development of enterprises. Especially, at the time of the integration into the economy of Vietnam, the ownership of the intellectual property has the importance of building sustainable positions in the market, creating competitive advantages compared to opponents, and raising the income of enterprises. In reality, many enterprises in the world succeed and develop sustainably due to exploiting the ownership of intellectual property effectively. Lawyers consult on intellectual property

Lawyers consult on intellectual property

However, in Vietnam, enterprises usually focus on the development of products, conducting business ideas, not care about registration, and protecting their products of intellectual property. At the same time, intellectual property is a complicated field and is easy to arise disputes, contradictions. Therefore, many enterprises do not prepare carefully to protect their interests for the special property.

Intellectual property is the creative product of human brains. Those are able to be literary works, musical works, computer programs, inventions, utility solutions, industrial designs,… The ownership of intellectual property is rights for the above creative products. So, it can be seen that the ownership of intellectual property is the result of the process of creation, intelligence, money from individuals, organizations. The creative activities aim to gain certain interests. By protecting intellectual property, it encourages and supports enterprises in the development of products and lines of business. If enterprises manage intellectual property issues well, it will limit direct influences, risks resulting in disputes in the process of operation of enterprises, individuals.

If no protection for inventions, enterprises will encounter damages on the economic factor due to capturing activities of opponents. This is the function of building and ensuring the wholesome competitive environment of protecting intellectual property mechanisms in general as well as protecting industrial property rights in particular. Through the monopolistic protecting mechanisms, intellectual property laws fight against using identical or similar marks with marks protected as well as using secret information illegally… from that, building and protecting the wholesome competitive environment between enterprises.

Understanding the importance of intellectual property in integrate period, since the beginning of the operation, Vietlaw Solutions Firm has focused on the development of intellectual property lawyers, Vietlaw Solutions Firm is granted a certificate that is an Industrial property representation service organization according to the Decision No. 2068/QD-SHTT (Code: 207). With the experience of 10 years of operation in the field of intellectual property, Vietlaw Solutions Firm has become an option of enterprises, we are the industrial property representation service organization for many enterprises, conduct activities: Consulting and registration of intellectual property rights – Representative of intellectual property rights – Identifying infringement of intellectual property rights – Protect intellectual property – Participating in settling disputes arising from enterprises’ intellectual property. Vietlaw Solutions Firm will help enterprises protect and exploit intellectual property in the most optimal way, strengthen, enhance the position, prestige, and competitive ability of enterprises in the market.

With a motto that is “The Legal Safety – The Steady steps in the future”, Vietlaw Solution Firm always ensures to handle clients’ requests in the best way, bring satisfaction to the quality clients. Depending on cases and reality, Vietlaw Solutions Firm puts out solutions to settle disputes in the quickest way in order to protect clients’ rights and interests. We believe that our clients get much profit from the profound knowledge that our senior lawyers focus on. If not clear, clients don’t hesitate to contact us to be supported.

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