With the development of the market economy, the demand for people is increasing, so it requires products to ensure food hygiene and safety as well as ensure the safety of consumers when using. However, in the market today, there are many fake products, low-quality products affecting the health of consumers. Therefore, the announcement of product quality is very important that the product. Through the announcement of product quality, it enhances the prestige and trust of customers for products. At the same time, it contributes to affirm the brand in the heart of consumers.

The announcement of product quality not only enhances the prestige and trust of customers for products but also is one of the legal conditions so that products are circulated in the market. Depending on each type of product, competent authorities will receive the announcement of the product quality of enterprises.

According to current laws on handling violations of the announcement of product quality, enterprises suffer from one of the main sanctioning forms, warning or fines. At the same time, depending on the feature, the level of violations, enterprises have also suffered from one or more complementary sanctioning forms such as Stripping off the right to use permits, professional practice certificates in a definite term; or suspension of operation in a definite term; Confiscating material evidence, means of administrative violation used to commit administrative violations. Apart from main sanctioning forms, complementary sanctioning forms, competent authorities can apply one or more remedial measures.

The contents of consulting on the announcement of product quality of Vietlaw Solutions Firm:

However, in reality, most enterprises usually face difficulties at a stage of amending dossiers. The time for amending lasts more, products of enterprises are not allowed to circulate in the market. This results in damages related to enterprises’ economy and reduces the ability of enterprises to compete. Therefore, to motivate the process of assessing dossiers, enterprises have to build full, accurate dossiers from the beginning. In order to support enterprises better, apart from consulting on the announcement of product quality, we also support enterprises in issues related to the enforcement of intellectual property rights.

Consulting on food safety compliance announcement: means the organizations or individuals publish products in compliance with the food safety regulations for products not having corresponding technical regulations.

Consulting on food technical standard announcement: means the organizations or individuals publish products in compliance with the food safety regulations for products having corresponding relevant technical regulations.

Consulting on the standard announcement: means the organizations or individuals publish its own activities in the field of standard in compliance with corresponding standards. A standard announcement is a voluntary form of the enterprises.

Consulting basic standard announcement: is a technical requirement for the food of products (having common names are the product, main quality standard, sanitary standard) published and be responsible before laws and consumers. Basic standards are not lower than Vietnamese standards and discipline standards.

Consulting on product quality standards: means technical documents regulate the characteristics, technical requirements for products, testing methods of technical requirements of products, requirements on packing, labeling, transportation, preservation of products, requirements for quality management systems, and other issues related to product quality.

Consulting on hygienic standards: means limits or regulations on the level of chemical, physical and microbiological factors in the products to ensure stable and safe product quality for consumers.

Consulting on main quality indicators: means the level or quantity of substances determining the nutritional value and specific characteristics of the products to identify, classify, and distinguish them from the same foodstuffs.

Consulting on product quality announcement for special foods: These are groups of products of special nature or for special consumers, which have special uses or special uses for their health. healthy. Special foods may be new technology products, including nutritious products for infants; nutritious food through the inhalation tube; genetically modified food; irradiated food; functional foods.

Consulting on product quality announcement for functional foods: Depending on the functions, the quantity, and instructions for use, they have different names (nutritional supplements or micronutrients nutrition). Functional foods are special foods that need to try to prove that they are of use as declared by the manufacturers and approved by the competent authority.

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