One of the elements creating competitive advantages to bring success for enterprises is the trademark and logo of enterprises. So, the registration of protecting trademarks is an important premise, contributing to motivating the process of advertisement of products, services of enterprises to consumers. When becoming an owner of trademarks, enterprises will have property rights such as using, allowing someone to use, deciding, or prohibiting somebody from using the industrial property rights following laws.

One trademark was registered, when it is used in media strategies and marketing, it will be acknowledged by clients for this trademark. So, the registration of protecting trademarks is really necessary. It is the basis so that enterprises use their trademarks to establish trademark ownership. When the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam grants a certificate of trademark rights for enterprises, enterprises can exploit commercial interests from their trademarks. At the same time, protected trademarks are the basics so that enterprises prevent someone from violating and using trademarks illegally causing huge damages in the economy, the prestige of enterprises. Therefore, the registration of protecting trademarks is the basis so that enterprises require competent authorities to force violating parties to terminate violations and compensate.

Vietlaw Solutions Firm is granted a certificate of Industrial property representation service organization according to Decision No. 2068/QD-SHTT (Code: 207) by the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam. With more than 10 years of operation in the field of intellectual property, Vietlaw Solutions Firm has become an option of enterprises, we are the industrial property representation service organization for many enterprises, conduct activities: Consulting and registration of intellectual property rights – Representative of intellectual property rights – Identifying infringement of intellectual property rights – Protect intellectual property – Participating in settling disputes arising from enterprises’ intellectual property. Vietlaw Solutions Firm will help enterprises protect and exploit intellectual property in the most optimal way, strengthen, enhance the position, prestige, and competitive ability of enterprises in the market.

The contents of consulting on registering trademarks of Vietlaw Solutions Firm:

To ensure the ability of protected trademarks of enterprises, enterprises need to design trademarks that have the originality, reflecting the specialty of products, services, at the same time, having the difference from other trademarks. The process of consulting on registering trademarks of Vietlaw Solutions Firm as follows:

– We carry out initial researches on trademarks for clients to assess the ability of registration of trademarks;

– Researching in-depth on trademarks; if after researching initially, we realize that the trademarks cannot be protected, we will consult and put out relevant evidence to find solutions for trademarks having the ability to protect later. In the case of having the ability, we will research in-depth through the national and international database to assess the most the ability to grant certificates for trademarks;

– Consulting on legal aspects of procedures and conditions of registration of trademarks;

– Consulting on the ability of protection of trademarks;

– Researching officially on trademarks for clients in the process of registration of trademarks;

– Drafting dossiers of registration of trademarks;

– Submitting dossiers and following the process of registration, consideration of applications at the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam;

– Discussing, providing information to clients in the process of registration of protecting trademarks.

We believe that our clients get much profit from the profound knowledge of our senior lawyers in the field of trademark registration. Depending on specific cases, we put out the most practical solutions for clients. If not clear, clients don’t hesitate to contact us to be supported.

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