The Trademark of goods is the first factor the enterprises need to notice when preparing to publish a new product on the market. Therefore, in reality, most enterprises always focus on building, widening, advertising products to motivate the consumption of products. The more popular products are, the more consumption, the higher the ability to get the profit is. However, one important factor which enterprises have not cared about is performing methods to protect their trademarks from violations of other enterprises.

On the other hand, with the trend of fierce competition, numbers of trademarks registered to protect increasingly result in difficulties in choosing and registering trademarks successfully. Besides, the trademark registration is not a common administrative procedure, therefore, it can take much time and cost for enterprises but they do not avoid risks that their trademarks are not accepted to protect because other people registered before. There are a few enterprises that focus on this. However, not all enterprises distinguish between trademarks easily. Don’t know how to start, how to distinguish trademarks are enterprises’ concerns.

Also, in the whole of enterprises’ assets, trademarks are the type of invisible assets and attach to goods, services. Therefore, owners of trademarks can transfer their trademarks to other entities. When performing the process of trademark transfer, it means owners of trademarks transferred the ownership of trademarks to other individuals, organizations.

Therefore, to adapt to the competitive business environment rapidly, instead of registering and after that starting to establish plans, schedules, costs to widen, advertise to aim to attract many more consumers, enterprises choose to buy protected trademarks. We can see the fact that trading – transferring protected trademarks is a quite effective method of business, helps enterprises save time to build trademarks, and utilize available values, strengths of trademarks.

However, trading, transferring trademarks is not always easy when the demand and supply do not meet. Besides, the trademark transfer has to comply with provisions of laws to ensure legal values as well as the interests of each party.

The trademark transfer must be conducted by written contracts. Trademark transfer contracts only take effect when they are registered at competent authorities on industrial property rights. In the case of limiting the trademark transfer, owners only have the right to transfer in the category of protection. The trademark transfer does not confuse specialty, the origin of goods, services having trademarks. Rights for trademarks are only transferred to other individuals, organizations meeting conditions of registration.

Understanding the importance of intellectual property in integrate period, since the beginning of the operation, Vietlaw Solutions Firm has focused on the development of intellectual property lawyers, Vietlaw Solutions Firm is granted a certificate that is an Industrial property representation service organization according to the Decision No. 2068/QD-SHTT (Code: 207). With the experience of 10 years of operation in the field of intellectual property, Vietlaw Solutions Firm has become an option of enterprises, we are the industrial property representation service organization for many enterprises, conduct activities: Consulting and registration of intellectual property rights – Representative of intellectual property rights – Identifying infringement of intellectual property rights – Protect intellectual property – Participating in settling disputes arising from enterprises’ intellectual property. Vietlaw Solutions Firm will help enterprises protect and exploit intellectual property in the most optimal way, strengthen, enhance the position, prestige, and competitive ability of enterprises in the market.

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