In fact, entrepreneurs now focus on ideas, resources, market research, customers, and sales. However, to grow firmly, enterprise owners should pay attention to avoiding the risks of legal issues in the beginning. When launching a business idea before embarking on the deployment, entrepreneurs should take note of the Intellectual Property Law. Ideas for unique products and services will reach the market quickly and the protection of intellectual property rights for these products and services should begin as soon as the project is launched or after the enterprise is established. Violation of Intellectual Property Law is an annoying problem for enterprises. The registration of intellectual property aims to ensure that enterprises have the exclusive right to use their own property, thereby ensuring the interests of enterprises when complaining about or claiming intellectual property infringements.

Lawyers consult on internal for enterprises

In addition, the risks of the enterprises from the transactions, contracts also cause great harm to enterprises. When signing a contract, most enterprise owners pay close attention to the terms of trade (price, payment, and goods) without caring about legal terms such as commitments, rights and obligations of the parties, remedial measures, and plans for dealing with arising problems. Moreover, the risks of disputes in internal enterprises are always hidden. If there is no treatment measure, the risks will cause damages to enterprises’ economy and reputation. Therefore, when a dispute occurs, enterprises often suffer economic losses and affect the prestige of the brand.

When faced with difficulties, enterprises will immediately hire a lawyer to handle the job, or hire a lawyer to work in the company. However, it is just an immediate solution to the situation, does not help enterprises step on long-term development. Recruiting a lawyer is not easy because some people are good at tax but not fluent in investment, some people draft contracts but do not know foreign languages. In particular, recruiting a lawyer takes an extra cost even though it is not easy for enterprises to find lawyers who satisfy the needs for professional diversity, proficiency in foreign languages, years of experience, and having a lot of relationships.

Vietlaw Solutions Firm provides internal consultancy that brings the highest practical value for enterprises

If the enterprise cannot hire a lawyer, you should hire a law firm. In a law firm, there are many lawyers with different expertise, rich social knowledge, and foreign languages ​​that are powerful to meet the enterprise’s needs. In addition to supporting, consulting on the procedures for the establishment of enterprises, tax, and accounting, drafting contracts, settlement of transaction disputes, law firms also provide internal consultancy, development options, brand identity, brand protection. Moreover, the crisis management options ensure the prestige of the enterprises for clients and partners.

Internal consultancy services provide solutions to save the enterprise’s financial expenses such as wages, expenses for buying working equipment, workplace rental, cost of paying compulsory insurance, and other benefits for the person doing the legal work of the enterprise. The solution using internal consultancy services is a general trend of a supply chain that enterprises are applying. With the advantage such as lower cost-higher quality-flexibility, the internal consultancy has gained competitive advantages over other traditional legal services in the juridical service field.

Internal consultancy services bring a lot of value to the enterprises

Internal organization, function as the company secretary such as preparing meeting minutes and resolutions for the Board, the Board of Directors, and the General Meeting of Shareholders… Consult and draft internal procedures, operating regulations, and decentralization.

Compliance and risk control, consult and make reports to help enterprises comply with the law; consult and set up risk control regulations, risk warning system.

About labor, consult and draft documents to enter into, execute and terminate labor contracts with employees; consult and prepare documents of collective labor agreements, internal labor regulations and labor discipline; Consult and draft documents of restructuring the organization of the enterprise.

Business activities, draft and negotiate commercial contracts (purchase and sale of goods, service supply, office leasing, confidential agreements of information, principle contracts …); assess the legal capacity of the partner; consult and perform bidding; consult and establish the transaction structure.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M & A), consult on the transaction structure, evaluate detailed the subjects of M & A transactions.

Dispute settlement, negotiate the settlement of disputes through mechanisms of negotiation, representation, and protection of enterprise interests in the dispute settlement by arbitration and court.

Legal training, organize legal training for managers and staff in the implementation of the work.

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